How to Add Power in Your Backswing

How to Add Power in Your Backswing

Try to stretch out your left arm as much as possible using a push from your right hand.
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This story is for you if…

• You’re a full club shorter than most golfers you know

• You can’t reach long par 4s in two

• Your left arm bends in your backswing

The Conventional Wisdom

Keep left arm straight for the widest possible backswing.

What It Fails to Recognize

Big hitters don’t keep their left arm straight, they stretch it, and the way they stretch it is by applying force with their right hand.

The Proper Way to Make a Wide Backswing

Without a club, take your regular grip, but pretend your left thumb is the top of the shaft. Make a mock backswing, and as you take the club to the top, apply pressure from the lifeline area of your right hand onto your left thumb. This pressure automatically keeps your left arm straight and, as a result, your swing as wide as it can be.