Maximize Swing Speed By Swinging With a Rope

January 20, 2017

Would you pay $15 for 10 mph more clubhead speed? I thought so.

1. Head to your local D.I.Y. store (or your garage) and get some ½- to ¾-inch nylon rope (it’s about 10 cents a foot). Loop the rope over and over a few times at a length about a foot longer than your driver shaft, then secure one end using duct tape.

2. Assume your normal finish position, with your hands on top of your left shoulder and the “club” hanging behind you. Now swing the rope to the top of your backswing — feel the momentum created by the weight of the rope and shift your weight naturally to maintain balance. Without stopping, whip the rope down and through impact. Swat the ground near where the ball would be teed up.

3. Continue all the way to the finish, then make two more swings without stopping, each one faster — and each swat a little louder — than the last. Perform three sets of three swings, working your way up to 10 sets a week (30 swings). It’s a workout, but the payout is more speed and distance than you ever imagined.