Hit Pitch Shots That Stop Fast

Hit Pitch Shots That Stop Fast

To pitch it close from 20 to 40 yards, you want a descending swing that traps the ball against the turf at impact. It’s an aggressive move that helps you maximize spin and make solid contact — a key to distance control. Ditch the long, sweeping follow-through and start letting your backswing provide the horsepower. Here are my keys for a technique I call pitch and point:

1. Use a sand wedge The club’s bounce will help prevent digging to ensure crisp contact.

2. Lengthen your backswing From 40 yards, swing back to shoulder height, with your wrists fully hinged. From closer in, take slightly less backswing.

3. Finish low Point the shaft at your target, allowing it to get no higher than waist level.

The shorter follow-through will result in a lower, controlled ball flight so you can fire at the flag.

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