Hit Pin-Seeking Irons

Hit Pin-Seeking Irons


This story is for you if…

• You hit your irons too high

• You struggle in windy conditions

• Your irons feel clunky instead of crisp


1) You have an iron into the green and you’re playing straight into the wind.

2) You have an iron into the green and a strong wind at your back.

3) You’ve struggled with your iron shots all day, and now you have one into the 17th green to tie your match.


A knockdown shot, which flies low, is easy to judge distance on, and spins less so it is less bothered by both headwinds and tailwinds. Most importantly, it’s simple to execute.


• Take one more club than you’d normally use for the distance you face.

• Move the ball just behind the center of your stance and grip down on the handle about two inches.

• Forget about any wind and focus on staying relaxed and making a slow, three-quarter swing both back and through.

To make sure your knockdown impact is picture-perfect, copy the positions below.

1. Chest over left leg
If you lean back you’re going to catch the ball thin. “Stack” your chest over your left knee at impact.

2. Cut your finish
Stop your swing when your hands reach hip height. This keeps the ball low with less spin.

3. Left wrist flat
Through the hitting zone, think of pulling the club into the ball with the back of your left wrist.

4. Shaft leaning forward
Forward-press your hands at setup and do your best to reestablish the shaft lean at impact.

5. Weight forward
Cheat a little bit at address and set a majority of weight over your front foot and keep it there.

6. Swing smoother
Use a slower tempo so you can make purer contact, which is more important than extra speed.

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