Hit a High Draw

February 29, 2008

You’re faced with a solid 230-yard carry over a waste area, and your average drive is about 240 yards—with roll. You’re about 10 yards short of a perfect drive. Should you just swing a little harder? Nope. Follow these keys.


This situation calls for a high draw, which in turn requires a wide, shallow swing path. Place the ball forward in your stance, off your left armpit, which will allow you to take greater advantage of the upward path of your driver at impact, and close your stance about an inch to invite a right-to-left ball flight.

During the takeaway, focus on keeping your hands in front of your body all the way up to the top — this will prevent you from taking the club up and down on a steep path, which is a killer when you’re trying to hit a high shot. You want to swing the club back on a long, sweeping arc, and then maintain that sweeping motion through impact and into the follow-through. The longer your follow-through, the higher the ball will fly.

At impact, you want your head to be focused on the ball but still behind your hips and your arms, which should extend toward the target as they pass through the impact zone and up into the follow-through.

And there’s no need to turn your right arm over your left at impact in an effort to impart draw spin to the ball — your slightly closed stance will take care of that.