Hardpan made easy

November 19, 2008

The problem

You struggle to hit the ball cleanly off the bare ground.

The solution

The biggest key to hitting a ball off any unforgiving surface is to make sure the club hits the ball before it hits the ground. Here are three quick ways to make that happen:

1. Play the ball between the center of your stance and your back foot and make sure to swing down, just like you would when hitting an iron shot from the fairway. If you try to pick the ball cleanly off the ground you’ll likely hit it thin.

2. Make sure the logo on the back of your glove points at the target at impact. This will help you strike the ball with a square clubface. And don’t baby the shot. Make an aggressive swing—your clubs can handle it.

3. Set the majority of your weight on your left leg at address and keep it there. An easy way to make sure that your weight stays on your left side is to keep your chest ahead of the ball (closer to the target) throughout your swing.