Groove Your Short Game Practice

Groove Your Short Game Practice

Hit wede shots at practice targets the watch your results closely to see what works. <span class="picturesource">Leonard Kansler</span>

If you want to improve your golf game, all you have to do is practice more, right? Actually, more is often not better. Since you only have a limited amount of time to practice, knowing what to practice and the right way to do it is critical. If you practice the wrong things you won’t see any improvement. Before you encounter this problem, here are two truths to be aware of as you plan your practice time:

Practice makes permanent.

If you practice poorly, you will become a permanently poor golfer. Conversely, good practice can lead you to long-lasting, ingrained improvements.

You should practice with feedback.

By using training aids, quantifiable practice games, practice targets or employing the help of a teaching pro, you’ll make better use of your time.

With these truths of practice in mind, here are three practice tips I promise will work even though I’ve never seen you play.

3 Steps for Perfect Practice

1. If you don’t know what to practice and how to practice it, don’t practice. Go to your local pro for a lesson or attend a clinic or golf school to find out what you need to work on. While you’re there, find out how to practice it properly, so whatever time you do have to spend practicing will be well spent.

2. Divide your practice time into thirds and devote one to your short game, one to putting and one to your full swing, in that order. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and make your worst weakness a priority. Don’t practice your strengths endlessly just because you like the results.

3. Practice in 10-to-20 minute intervals. Focus on one aspect of your game for at least 10 minutes. Watch your results closely so you learn to correlate good feedback with good results and bad feedback with bad results.

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