For a Great Backswing, Don’t Be a Dumbbell — Use One!

December 8, 2016

While your John Daly driver windup looks cool, letting the club “drop” past parallel is costing you yards. That’s because you probably tilt your body toward the target and fold your left elbow, leading to weak slices. To maximize power, stop your backswing at its natural end point.


Grab a 3-pound dumbbell (or object of similar weight). Using only your left arm, swing the weight back as you would your driver. The dumbbell’s mass forces you to keep your left arm straight and limits how high you swing your arm — perfect.


Swap the dumbbell for your driver and repeat. Your swing should now feel “wider,” not longer. Don’t fret — this shorter, compact move packs more punch than a long, loose one, and it’s easier to time. Remember: A shorter backswing equals huge drives.