Grading 4 PGA Tour Players’ Pre-Round Meals

May 5, 2016

We had four Tour pros break down their go-to pre-round meals. Then we had expert sports dietitian Amy Goodson break down whether that plan works or not. For pros and amateurs alike, study up!

Johnson Wagner
PRE-ROUND MEAL: “Roast beef sandwich.”
EXPERT’S TAKE: “This meal could pack more carbs and better protein sources. Add a salad with fruit, nuts and avocado to keep from hitting a wall on the back nine.”

Gary Woodland
PRE-ROUND MEAL: “Eggs when I wake up, and a smoothie just prior to tee time.”
EXPERT’S TAKE: “No matter how you prepare them, eggs are chock-full of protein, making this a good, lean breakfast,” Goodson says. “Paired with whole-grain toast or oatmeal, it’s perfect, especially if you’re a power-hitter like Woodland.”

Scott Pinckney
PRE-ROUND MEAL: “Chicken, mashed potatoes and fruit.”
EXPERT’S TAKE: “The lean protein (chicken) and carbs (potatoes) stabilize your blood sugar, ensuring focus,” Goodson says. “Adding fruit is key. Fruits supply carbs for energy and electrolytes for hydration.”

Seung-Yul Noh
PRE-ROUND MEAL: “Almond butter sandwich.”
EXPERT’S TAKE: “The butter and whole-grain bread combo is great for blood sugar maintenance,” she says. “But this meal needs more protein. Greek yogurt with fruit or a few ounces of low-fat cheese and some grapes would do the trick.”