Golf Tips: Trace Your Way to a Better Path

October 20, 2016
Senior player.jpg

If your shots tend to leak to the right or to slice, you probably have a path problem. Chances are, the clubhead is approaching the ball from outside the target line. To hit the ball solidly and with a slight draw, your path needs to move from inside the target line in the downswing and then out to the right through impact. Here’s an easy range drill to help you groove the ideal inside-out path.

Tee up a ball and place a club on the ground along your target line. Then lay another iron on top of the first one, at a 45-degree angle to your target line. (On an imaginary baseball diamond, this club would point toward right field.) Address the ball and take the club back along the first shaft, then swing down along the second shaft. Trace this inside-out path slowly at first, until you get a feel for it, then swing at full speed. Your accuracy and distance will improve in no time.