Golf Tips: At the Top, Swing Up (Not Down!) for Instant Power

October 11, 2016

When you think of your first move from the top of the swing, you likely envision dropping your arms, or perhaps pulling the handle toward the ball. Here’s a tip you haven’t heard that works much better: Swing the clubhead up. It sounds crazy, but since the clubhead is lower at the top (middle photo, below) than at the highest point in your backswing (left), it must move up at the start of your downswing in order to retrace—or nearly retrace—the proper arc coming down (right). This move keeps you on plane and helps you retain most of your wrist angle on the way down to the ball, setting up a powerful impact. It’s one simple move: Pull the handle up and away from the target as you start down. Think “hands away from right ear.” The ball won’t know what hit it.

1. Get a sense of the max height of the clubhead in your backswing.

2. After you reach the top, pull your hands up and away.

3. This redirects the clubhead so that it reaches nearly the same height when you start down. Instant power!