Golf Tips: Set Up a Perfect Angle of Attack at Address

December 26, 2016
PC angle pitch shot.jpg

Create the perfect angle of attack for crisp pitches and high-launch drives with this simple preshot move.

Pitch Shots

1. STAND STRAIGHT UP with the club in your right hand and the ball positioned in the middle of your stance. Allow your left arm to dangle against your left leg.

2. TILT YOUR UPPER BODY to the left, sliding your left hand down the side of your leg. Keep your lower body still. Stop tilting when your fingers reach the top of your left knee.

3. SOLE THE CLUB and take your grip. With your left shoulder below your right and more weight over your left foot, you’re primed for a downward attack—and ultra-crisp contact


1. WITH YOUR DRIVER, stand erect, with the club in your left hand and the ball off your left heel. Same drill, but now the goal is to tilt to the right, setting up an ascending strike.

2. SLIDE YOUR RIGHT HAND down your right leg by tilting your spine away from the target. Stop when the fingers on your right hand reach the top of your right knee.

3. SOLE THE CLUB and take your grip. If you maintain your tilt away from the target through impact, you’ll catch the ball on the upswing, launching it high and deep.