How to reach any green from the deep rough

How to reach any green from the deep rough


If you have difficulty advancing the ball from the rough, you may be swinging too much around your body. While this type of swing is good for hitting power draws off the tee, it doesn’t work in tall grass, where you need steepness to catch the ball cleanly and get it airborne.


Escaping the thick stuff is easy, but only if you know how to alter your setup and swing to produce the necessary steepness. Follow these steps


At address, stand farther from the ball with your hands nice and low. This will cause your shoulders to tilt, setting up a steeper swing path. You should feel that your chest is more on top of the ball.


Set your weight over your forward leg so that you’re primarily leaning on your left foot. Position the ball in the middle or even a bit back in your stance, with your hands set in front of your belt buckle.


Fight the urge to hit down on the ball, up on the ball, or to otherwise help it into the air. Simply swing the club with good pace. Your address position and forward weight distribution automatically set you up for success.


As you swing through impact, keep your hands low, just as they were at address. This will give you the maximum amount of leverage to power the club through the rough. Make sure you rotate your left arm and chest through impact.