How to stripe your opening tee shot

How to stripe your opening tee shot

Once you reach the impact zone, keep moving your right side through the ball so the clubhead can’t flip past your hands.
Angus Murray

Here's how to replace your jittery “steer” swing with a confident stroke to get your round going.

Hey, it’s natural to feel a few nerves on the first tee, but that doesn’t mean you have to slice it out of bounds, or top it to the ladies’ tee.

Tee, the Hard Way
Does this sound familiar? In an effort to hit the opening fairway at all costs, you steer the club through impact, swinging mostly with your arms and hands. But this “control” swing comes at the expense of body turn, and the moment you stop turning on your downswing is the moment the clubhead flips past your hands, sending the ball dead left or, if you leave the clubface open, dead right. Either way, you’re off to a bad start on your round.

Turn With Confidence
The secret to putting the ball in play on that nerve-racking first swing—and for the rest of your round, for that matter—?is to turn your body from the top of your swing and keep turning it all the way through impact. It’s okay to slow the pace of your motion, but make sure you get your right side (knee, hip and shoulder) through the ball once you reach impact. Feel like you’re hitting the ball with your right hip. As long as you keep turning, the club can’t get ahead of your hands. You’re doing it right if, at the finish, your right hip and shoulder are closer to the target than their left-side counterparts, with the majority of your weight over your left foot.