Golf Tips: Hit a Perfect Draw by Using a Headcover

Golf Tips: Hit a Perfect Draw by Using a Headcover

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Hit balls with a headcover tucked in your left armpit to groove a draw.
Angus Murray

Chances are, the closest you can get your approach to a back-left pin (without trying to carry a hazard) is the center of the green—miles from birdie-land. To knock down the flag, you need a reliable draw, and it’s easier to learn than you think. First, ignore the outdated advice to make an inside-out swing. You can curve it right-to-left without altering your swing plane. The secret? Quickly rehinge your wrists after impact, as I’ve done here. This creates the acceleration required to get the clubface—and the ball—turning over. And you can groove the move in 30 seconds flat. Just follow these steps.


Place a headcover under your left armpit, as shown. Your goal? To maintain the feeling of arm-body connection and keep the headcover in place throughout your swing.


If you drop the headcover, you’re either swinging too inside-out or letting your arms extend too far from your body. Think, “Where my upper body goes, my arms go, too.”


You want to hinge your wrists and fold your left elbow. You’ve got the move down when you can sense the clubhead accelerating past your body through the hitting zone. Sling the club over your left shoulder—and watch that puppy draw!