Golf Tips: This Easy Arm Exercise Adds Yards in a Hurry

August 2, 2016

Straighten up, young man! The more you hunch your shoulders in your golf posture, the shorter you’ll hit it, putting stress on your entire game.

Here’s an easy way to take an athletic setup and increase your shoulder turn with any club, from renowned exercise therapist and author, Pete Egoscue.

To start, pull your arms up to shoulder level with your palms facing down. Curl your fingertips in and squeeze them into the base of your fingers. Keep your thumb extended and pull your shoulder blades together.

Now make 25 tiny forward circles, maintaining the pressure in your fingertips and upper back. Next, rotate your arms so your palms face up, then perform 25 more circles in the opposite direction.

Your shoulders will feel “alive,” your neck will feel like it’s three inches longer, and you’ll stand taller with zero shoulder hunch. Better yet, you’ll be winding up on your backswing like you did when you were 19.

Not bad for 60 seconds of work.