Golf Tips: Blair O’Neal’s Bends for Big Drives

December 16, 2016
blair oneal fitness.jpg

Stretch your lats on both sides to boost swing speed off the tee — call it the Blair Switch Project.

Some golfers lift weights to add swing speed. Me, I prefer exercises that increase range of motion, as opposed to increasing my biceps. Here’s your fast track to a faster swing.

This move stretches your upper body while strengthening your legs, setting you up for added power through impact. Stand erect with your driver held above your head. Next, step forward with your right foot and drop your left knee toward the ground. Keeping your right shin and your back perpendicular to the ground, slowly lean your upper body to the right. Do you feel a stretch in the left side of your torso? Great! That stretch helps you make a wider backswing. Next, slowly lean to the left so you feel the same stretch in your right side—this lets you keep that bend toward the ball through impact, ensuring sweet-spot contact. Switch legs and repeat. Do this stretch daily and right before teeing off. The ball won’t know what hit it.