Short Game Tips: How to Pitch it Close from Near the Hole

Short Game Tips: How to Pitch it Close from Near the Hole

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For the senior player who can’t quite hit it as far, here’s a golf tip for getting up and down from close. That’ll save you countless pars and keep you in the game longer than ever.

You’ve lost some flexibility and power in your swing, but you still know how to score. Here’s how to pitch it extra soft from extra close.

When your ball is a few yards short of the green, would you rather putt, or do you prefer to chip or pitch? If you reach for your flatstick, beware: The grass may be too long to let you accurately roll the ball, or the pin may be so close to the edge that distance control is unpredictable. The solution is the extra-small, extra-soft pitch, a shot that doesn’t require much of a swing but that provides enough oomph to safely loft the ball onto the green with ample distance.

To execute this shot, set up with your feet almost touching and the ball centered between your heels. This extra-narrow stance automatically restricts your hip turn and helps shorten your backswing. Grip down toward the bottom of the grip, which effectively makes your wedge shorter—like a putter—and less powerful.

Swing with your normal pitching tempo and try to “thump” the ground under the ball with the sole, or bottom, of your wedge. The ball will pop up softly and stop quickly, making it easier to attack those tight pins.

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