Get more Yards from your Shoulders

September 30, 2008

This story is for you if…
• You’re confused about your shoulder turn.
• You want more distance.
• Your worst shot is a pull-hook.

The Myth
Make a big shoulder turn to increase your power.

The Real Story
Testing indicates that turning your shoulders too much results in a flat shoulder plane. Flat shoulder turns don’t deliver as much speed to the ball as those that are on plane.

What to do instead
Tilt your shoulders as well as turn them. The right amount of turn and tilt will position your shoulder line on the preferred plane line, helping you apply maximum force and speed to the ball.

How to know you’re tilting correctly
Place your driver across the front of your shoulders and turn to the top of your backswing. Check the angle of the shaft after you’ve fully stretched your upper back muscles against your hips. If you’ve done it right, the shaft (and your shoulders) will point toward the ground slightly above the ball. Now you’re set for power and set to deliver all of it to the ball.