Box breathing: A four step strategy to help you relax and increase focus on the tee

March 24, 2019
Box breathing will help golfers garner the same level of focus that Tiger has before a big putt.

Aspire to respire! This relaxation technique helps you reduce stress and increase focus during your round.

Box Breathing requires just four easy steps to follow by.
Ben Mounsey-Wood

1. Inhale: Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose. Count to four. Make sure to focus and concentrate on your breathing and block out everything else.

2. Hold: After your lungs are completely filled with air, hold your breath to a slow count of four.

3. Exhale: Exhale slowly through your mouth or nostrils and slowly count again to four. As in step 1, focus and concentrate strictly on your breathing and the movement of air out of your lungs and through your mouth or nostrils.

4. Hold: Hold your breath for another slow four count, then repeat. Keep at it until you feel tension leaving your body.