Finish Low for More Power

Finish Low for More Power

You’ve probably been told to finish the swing with your hands high. But if you want to hit the ball longer, consider finishing low. If you observe the big hitters on the professional Tours, you’ll notice that the club comes to rest on their front shoulder. This is the result of unhinging, or releasing, their wrists fully through impact. It provides a powerful snap to their swing and produces a low finish.


To learn this feeling, turn your driver upside down and with your right hand, grip the shaft just above the clubhead. Kneel down (you may want to place a towel under your knees) and, using only your right wrist, cock the grip end up and snap it down against the ground (right). You should hear a significant thud and feel the incredible speed this small motion produces. If you make a similar move using only your arms and no wrists, you’ll notice a dramatic loss of speed (and sound). Add your wrists back to the motion and you create speed and snap.

In the same way, the unhinging of your wrists in the golf swing increases clubhead speed and distance, and produces the low, relaxed finish characteristic of long-ball hitters. Think of your wrists as soft hinges that cock and uncock to rapidly deliver the club to your shoulder at the completion of your swing. You will hit the ball longer.

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