Exclusive video lessons with GOLF MAGAZINE Top 100 Teachers

Exclusive video lessons with GOLF MAGAZINE Top 100 Teachers

The GOLF MAGAZINE Top 100 Teachers are the best in the business. But getting into their lesson books can seem like busting into Ft. Knox. Until now. Here are three video lessons—on finding the driver, avoiding a 3-putt and controlling the distance of your wedge shots—you can take right now!

1.) Stop 3-Putting
The fastest way to make a good round go bad is to pepper it with a few 3-putts. As GOLF MAGAZINE Top 100 Teacher Tim Mahoney says, even the game’s best ball strikers need to be able to get the ball in the hole with the putter. To see a video lesson with Mahoney that will help you avoid the 3-putting menace, click here

2.) Finding The Perfect Driver
If you want to maximize distance off the tee with fairway-splitting accuracy, you need to use the right driver for your swing. As you know, what works for your best friend might not help you at all. To let GOLF MAGAZINE Top 100 Teacher Dave Phillips explain what things you need to consider before you buy your next big dog, click here

3.) Improve Short Game Distance Control
When you can control how far your pitch shots travel, you take a lot of pressure off you putter because you leave yourself more ‘makeable’ chances. Craig Shankland, a GOLF MAGAZINE Top 100 Teacher, has some great tips on how you can improve your distance control. To see his video lesson, click here

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