The Easy Way to Play Hybrids

October 21, 2008

When I won my first British Open at Carnoustie in a four-hole playoff with Sergio Garcia in 2007, I hit my hybrid off the tee on the final three playoff holes. I think I would have won without the hybrid, but it was my go-to club then, and it was my go-to club when I won this year’s Open and PGA Championship.

I’ve been using hybrid clubs for the last few seasons, but like the guys you play with, not every Tour player carries them. Tiger Woods, for example, still hasn’t put one in his bag. I don’t see any reason not to take advantage of new technology. I’ve replaced my 3-iron with a Wilson 3-hybrid and my 5-wood with a Wilson 5-hybrid. They make long par 3s easy, and give the distance and accuracy I need to hit par 5s in two.

Hybrids are easy to hit, and you’ll find them even more so if you follow the same advice that my full-swing coach, Bob Torrance, gives me. Copy these moves, and you’ll pull off the clutch shots you need to win, just as I have.

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