Want to add power? Learn the difference between swaying and stacking

September 2, 2019

A good “stack” at the top of your backswing is achieved when you rotate correctly.

As you turn back, it’s important to keep your pelvis on a forward tilt and let your body coil over your trail leg without feeling the need to slide your hips up or to the side.

What not to do: When you tuck your  pelvis too far under your hips at address, you  force your hips to rise  up and slide over during  the backswing, causing  a myriad of problems,  including the dreaded  reverse spine position.
Scott Cook

Try this: Place your golf bag just outside your rear foot. With your hands folded across your chest, rotate as in a mock backswing. Your goal? Maintain the space between your rear hip and the bag as you load up over your back leg. No need to shift or slide your pelvis. Also check that your right shoulder is behind your left, indicating a solid turn over your right side. Now you’ve created torque — power you can use at impact.

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