Driving Tips for You

Driving Tips for You

Ball-Above-Feet Drill

Since the driver swing is not your dominant swing, use the drills on this page to become a better driver. Start with the drill designed for your dominant swing type, as it will best address your driving weaknesses.


For fairway wood/long iron dominant swings: Ball-Above-Feet Drill

The player who excels with the long irons usually has a steeper-than-average swing. Hitting balls off a sidehill lie will retrain your body to shallow out the clubhead path. When the ball is above the feet, the swing has to become shallower or the club will miss the ball completely. Try to emphasize the feeling that the club is swinging around the body rather than just up and down.

For short iron/pitching dominant: Spine-Tilt Checkpoint

The best drivers set their spines angled slightly away from the target. When the upper spine is farther from the target than the lower spine, the swing path becomes shallower, making it easier to catch the ball with the clubhead traveling level to the ground or slightly ascending. Check your set-up by placing a club along your spine, then tilt until you sense the shaft points behind your left heel.

For chipping/putting dominant swings: Left-Heel-Up Drill
The good chipper and putter usually has his hands ahead of the ball at impact, but the hands need to be even with or behind the ball at impact with a driver. Practice hitting shots with your left foot turned out and on its toe to shallow out the clubhead path through impact. This drill also trains the arms to fully extend through impact and keeps the body behind the ball.

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