The Driving Power Path

When it comes to booming a long, straight drive, the best path for your club to take is from the inside. Sure, clubhead speed is important, but many amateurs waste it by swinging from outside the target line, imparting left-to-right sidespin. That means a slice, and lost yards.

Conversely, swinging from the inside helps produce a right-to-left draw that rolls after it lands. Try my Three Tee Drill to groove the perfect path…

Here’s how it works:

1. Tee up a ball as normal and lay a club on the ground 12 inches inside it, parallel to your target line.

2. Place a second tee 18 inches in front of the ball, also along your target line.

3. Position a third tee 18 inches behind the ball and slightly inside your target line.

4. Align your toes parallel to the club on the ground and swing the head over all three tees as you hit the ball.

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