Different Shots for Different Sands


Check This!

On every bunker shot, think about your feet to determine what effect the sand will have on the shot. Do your feet sink into the sand when you walk in the bunker? Is the ball semi-buried? Or do you feel like you’re walking on top of the sand, and the ball is sitting on top of it as well? Knowing the difference is important, because if you use your regular bunker swing in fluffy sand, the ball will go nowhere. Use it on a thin lie and you’ll send it screaming across the green.

How to Blast Close From Every Lie

Lengthen or shorten your swing to match its speed to the depth of sand. Check the sand types here to find out if you need to make your swing longer (for fluffy sand) or shorter (for thin sand).


• There’s less sand your club can extract so the ball will come out “hotter” than normal.

• Swing from hip-high back to hip-high in your finish. This will give you 10 yards in the air and 2 yards of roll with your sand wedge.


• Your club will tend to stick in fluffy sand, so hitting a good explosion means taking a very large divot with a very fast swing.

• Swing three-quarters back and make a complete follow-through. This will give you 10 yards in the air with 2 yards of roll with your sand wedge.

NOTE: When changing speeds, keep your setup exactly the same. Stick with the old standards:

1. Ball played just inside left heel.

2. Hands directly above the ball.

3. Feet dug in for balance, even weight distribution.