Delay Your Release

Delay Your Release

What you want: A consistent release

Why it’s good: Long hitters like Ernie Els delay their release until the last moment. That’s why it looks like he’s swinging so easy. Just before impact, his left arm is extended, and he’s poised to let centrifugal force release the club. His hips lead his arms and club into downswing. Distance-challenged amateurs, however, lose that angle early by throwing the clubhead out with the hands. Here’s a drill to create the feel of the delayed release, so you can hit it longer with less effort.

How to get it: Set before you hit

Using a 7-iron, hit little punch shots to ingrain the feel of a correct release. Address a ball and cock the club up so the club shaft is parallel to the ground (photo 1). Hold it there, get comfortable and start the swing from this point, taking your hands back to chest height. Now pivot through: Start down with your hips and finish at chest height (photo 2).

Allow the momentum of your arm swing to release the club.

This drill trains your hands and arms to store the power of the downswing for as long as possible. By presetting the club with your hands, you’ll have more speed at impact, and you’ll be amazed at the increase in yards.

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