David Gossett Swing Sequence

David Gossett Swing Sequence

As the U.S. Amateur champion at age 19, he played in the 2000 Masters and the U.S. and British Opens, and was the first player to win a PGA Tour event (John Deere Classic, July 2001) on a sponsor exemption since Tiger Woods at the 1996 Las Vegas Invitational.

View Gossett’s swing in its entirety, or frame by frame, below. Note: Flash plug-in required. Can’t see the image? Download the latest version here.

The Stat Sheet

• Birth Date: April 28, 1979
• Height: 5′ 10″
• Weight: 170 lbs.
• Hometown: Germantown, Tenn.
• Residence: Orlando, Fla. • College: University of Texas
• Turned pro: July 2000

Takeaway: Low and Slow

A good takeaway can definitely help you hit the ball farther. The key is taking the club back slowly, gradually building momentum, and then unleashing it at the right time. Think “low and slow” at the start. Feel as if your legs are set in concrete; this will help limit how much your legs and hips can move. With less lower body movement, the club comes back straighter, promoting the big, wide arc necessary to hit it long. A lot of amateurs turn their hips too soon going back, rather than allowing the upper body to wind around the resistance of the lower body. The hips should be the last thing to move during the backswing, following the clubhead and the arms. If they turn prematurely, the club will move too far inside the target line, and you will lose the resistance necessary for building power.

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