Dave Pelz & Butch Harmon:
The Gurus

Dave Pelz & Butch Harmon:
The Gurus

Marc Calcavecchia Thursday at Turnberry


Pelz: My physics professor at Indiana University said, “Don’t limit yourself to previous conceptions.” So I test to find out for myself. Great discoveries come from that. We found out through testing that [everyday players] make almost 30 percent more chips with the pin in. That’s a myth we shattered.

Harmon: My dad [Hall of Fame teacher Claude Harmon Sr.] believed that the things you learn after you think you know it all are the most important. It’s true in life, in business and in teaching. Some of the things I teach today are different than 10 years ago.


Pelz: It’s incredibly gratifying to work with Phil [Mickelson]. He was 0-for-42 in majors when we started together, and now he’s won three. After he won the ’04 Masters, he gave me a beautiful black Rolex with a wonderful inscription on it that I’d rather not share, but it’s something very heartfelt. Not bad for a
guy who’s only ever owned $10 watches.

Harmon: When you see your students improve, that’s the great joy. I have flags hanging in my school from guys who have won their state amateurs, the USGA Senior Championship, junior championships. I get as much satisfaction out of their success as I do from working with Tour players. It doesn’t matter if it’s an 18-handicap who takes himself down to a single digit. Teaching is teaching.

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