Cure Your Putting Yips With This Hit-and-Stop Drill

August 1, 2016


You can’t start the ball online, you can’t control distance, and you might have the yips. You’re probably overaccelerating into impact.


Set up as you normally would, then hover your left foot over the impact zone, lining up the right side of your shoe with the center of the ball. Now putt.

With this setup, the shaft will slam into your shoe at about the same time as the putterhead strikes the ball. Your follow-through is nonexistent, which forces you to make a bigger backstroke in order to roll the ball all the way to your target.

This is a good thing, because a longer backstroke halts any tendency to speed up the putter through contact. It’s called a “pop” stroke, but it’s as smooth as can be.

Say goodbye to yips, and hello to square strikes.