Create Perfect Ball Position

The Fault

Countless bad shots are caused by poor ball position, something you might take for granted.

The Fix

The ball should never be left of your left shoulder or right of your nose, regardless of which club you’re using. And within this small area, there’s an easy way to remember exactly where to position the ball for every shot.

Ball Position
The correct ball position for each club:

Once you have your ball position set for the particular club in your hand, focus on two things at address: your weight distribution and shaft position. For standard full swings with every club, spread out your weight evenly over both feet, and press the shaft slightly forward by moving your hands toward your target (be careful not to move the clubhead forward as well). This combination gives you the best chance to create ball-first contact and solid strikes.

How far from the ball?

Use correct posture and lie angle to discover exactly how far away you should stand

In the same way the club in your hand determines where you should play the ball in your stance, your club also tells you how far to stand from your ball.

Every club in your set is built with a discrete lie angle-the one formed by the ground and your clubshaft at address. The longer the club, the flatter the lie, which is why you must stand farther from the ball when you’re swinging a driver than when you’re hitting a 7-iron.

Unfortunately, an incorrect spine bend or the wrong weight distribution at address can place you too far or too close to the ball, even when your club is correctly soled. That’s why it’s important to use posture-not just lie angle-as your guide.

In a fundamentally sound stance, your weight should be evenly balanced between your heels and toes, and your forward bend and knee flex should allow your arms to hang straight down and swing back and forth freely in the same plane without hitting your hips or knees. With your arms dangling freely, sole your club squarely on the turf. (Both the heel and toe of the sole should touch the ground.) This maintains the integrity of the lie angle and places you the perfect distance from your ball. This works for every club, and it will improve your stance and setup, as well as the quality of your ball striking.

Who would have thought that the trig class you slept through in high school could have helped your golf game? A simple sine calculation of the lie angle determines how high your left hand sits above the ground and how far the clubhead rests from your feet. You stand taller with a driver than with a 7-iron because the flatter lie angle mandates a more vertical spine to create the desired spine/shaft perpendicular.

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