Chip Like a Champ

Chip Like a Champ

<strong>Final Round of the Players Championship</strong><br /><br /> Third-round leader Paul Goydos followed up back-to-back bogeys on Nos. 2 and 3 with a birdie on the fourth hole.
Phil Coale/AP

The trick to good chipping is to keep the motion clean and simple. Don’t incorporate any extra moves that could jeopardize distance control or send the ball off-line. It’s critical that the hands lead the club to the ball to hit it with a sharp, descending blow. What you would want to see as you swing down to the ball is your hands ahead of the clubhead, all the way to impact.

Drill: Drag your hands ahead

This teaches you to lead with the hands and helps you avoid scooping. Best yet, it doesn’t require a ball.

  • Stand as if you were about to hit a chip, but set the club on the ground well behind your right foot.
  • Rotate your body and drag the club along the ground through the hitting zone, keeping your hands forward.
  • Repeat this drill until you feel comfortable maintaining the angle between your hands, wrists amd forearms.
  • Three keys to crisper chips
    Try one of these next time you face a tricky chip:

    1. Think about gently tossing a ball (under-hand) to the hole for good rhythm.

    2. Make a sweeping motion back and through, with one movement flowing seamlessly into the next.

    3. Try to rip the ball off the turf so that it leaves the clubface very quickly.

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