Bust One from the Bunker


Your play: Because the ball is sitting on such an extreme upslope, don’t feel as though you need to use the most lofted club in your bag—your sand wedge, pitching wedge or even your 9-iron should do the trick. And since the ball is too low on the face for you to keep both feet out of the bunker, you’re going to get dirty.

Step 1: Step down into the bunker, wedging your right foot into the sand. Bend your left knee as shown for support with the ball positioned under your left shoulder.

Step 2: Open your clubface and aim your body slightly to the right of the target, because when you take your stance, the ball will end up being above your feet (or in this case, foot) and that will cause you to pull it.

Step 3: Lower your right shoulder to get your shoulders more even with the slope. Then take the club back on a steep, V-shaped path and bring it down hard into the sand just below the ball, driving the heel of the club into the hill. There’s no need to make a conscious followthrough—the concussion of the club hitting the sand will drive the ball up and out of the bunker.