Borrow other sports moves to fix your faulty golf swing

Borrow other sports moves to fix your faulty golf swing

Already a winner in Europe, Rory McIlroy, 19, made it to the quarterfinals in his PGA Tour debut.
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Many of us get caught up in swing thoughts and our fear of hitting bad shots, a combination that results in, what else — bad shots! This is what happens when you play “golf swing” instead of golf — your motion becomes rigid, out-of-sequence and so unnatural that you can’t keep the club on plane and hit the ball consistently toward your target. Borrowing and feeling moves you’re familiar with from watching or playing sports will give you the confidence you’re missing. Better yet, they’ll keep your worst shots at bay and give you the accuracy and distance that leads to lower scores.

Have a rigid swing? Think like a linebacker

Are you short off the tee? Think like a pitcher

Are you an inconsistent ballstriker? Think like a quarterback

Are you a slicer? Think like a batter

Do you hit topped or thin shots? Think like a tennis player

Hit your irons fat? Think like a hockey player