Big Play: Woodland's clutch putting on Sunday at Transitions Championship

Big Play: Woodland’s clutch putting on Sunday at Transitions Championship

Gary Woodland didn't miss a putt inside 20 feet during his final round at the Transitions Championship.
David Walberg/SI

WHO: Gary Woodland
WHAT: 10-foot par putt
WHERE: 445 yard par 4 18th hole
WHEN: Final round of the Transitions Championship

It’s awesome when you see a guy who hits it as long as Woodland and also has such great touch with the putter. In the final round, Woodland was lights out with the flatstick. He took just 23 putts, including 10 on the back nine. He was 17 for 17 on putts inside of 20 feet, and he made four putts longer than 10 feet.

THE DRILL: Most golfers don’t practice long putts enough. They spend most of their time on very short putts and then hit a few medium length putts. The long putts are often totally ignored. But then players routinely three-putt when they’re over 30 feet from the hole, and they wonder why.

Before a round, find the two holes on the practice green that are the farthest apart, preferably 50 feet or longer. Take three balls, and putt all the balls from one hole to the other. Then putt the balls from back to the original hole from the hole to which you just putted. You should not leave until you’ve two-putted with each ball at each of the two holes. That means you’ll make two sets with each including three two-putts.

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