Big Play: Create extra power by swinging like Bubba

Bubba Watson has a whole lot of talents — creativity, power, precision and touch, to name a few. But the one thing Bubba has that really sets him apart is clubhead speed. With a driver, his clubhead speed approaches a phenomenal 130 mph. So if you want to play, or try to play, Bubba golf, you too need more speed.
THE DRILL: How can you increase speed? Simple: make a bigger swing. But wait. There’s a huge misconception about big swings. Most people think that means just a longer backswing, but that’s not what I mean by a bigger swing. Your whole swing needs to be bigger, so you need more turn, back and through, more lift, more shift, more width and more length. To increase clubhead speed, hit practice balls while focusing on these two basic things.
1. In the backswing, get the back (right for a righthander) shoulder as far away from the ball as possible and as high as possible.
2. In the downswing, and especially at impact, get the lead (left for a righthander) shoulder as far away from the ball at impact as possible and get the clubhead to fly past the hands as fast as possible.
If you can start to accomplish those things, you’ll definitely increase clubhead speed.

Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Brian Manzella runs his own teaching academy at English Turn Golf and Country Club in New Orleans.