Big Book of Basics: Putting Skills Test

Big Book of Basics: Putting Skills Test

Golf Magazine's Big Book of Basics

Thank you for checking out GOLF Magazine’s Big Book of Basics. If you’ve gotten this far, we’re sure you have already found several ways to shave strokes off your game. The purpose of this on-line addition to the book is to provide you with a tool to measure the effectiveness of your putting as it stands now and as means to monitor your progress as you implement the concepts presented in Chapter 5: “Six Steps to Perfect Putting.” By benchmarking your ability with this putting skills test you’ll be able to make critical decisions about your mechanics with the clarity and confidence it takes to become a great putter.
Click the link below to download the putting skills test, which is basically an 18-hole game you can play on the practice putting green at your home course or range facility. For best results, play the game twice to get a more accurate and reliable measurement of you actual putting ability. The more data you can compile the better. (There’s also a link to download the Putting Footprint form from page 165 to help you nail your setup and stance.)
If taking the test twice seems like a lot of work, don’t sweat it. Take the test once if you’re short on time. You’ll still be able to get a feel for the quality of your putting by comparing your results to the Relative Putting Handicap chart located below the scorecard. Simply double your score when you check the chart.

Putting Skills Test form

Putting Footprint form

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