Ben Crane’s Keys to Good Putting

“I constantly monitor my ball position and my distance from the ball. I like my ball in the middle of my stance and for my eyes to be several inches inside the ball. To check this, I drop a ball from my left eye and see where it lands in relation to the ball I’m putting. It should land behind the ball and inside of it [closer to my feet], not on the target side of the ball and to the outside away from my feet. I’ll also use my putter head to measure my distance away from the ball. If you take these measurements when you’re putting well, you’ll have something to refer back to when your stroke is a little off.”

Category: Putting Average (Number of putts on greens hit in regulation)

Tour Rank Player Average
1. Ben Crane 1.705
2. Arjun Atwal 1.706
3. Steve Stricker 1.719
4. Scott Verplank 1.727
4. Chris DiMarco 1.727
PGA Tour Average 1.786

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