About 43 percent of all your strokes occur with a putter in your hands. That's a hefty proportion, considering you have 13 other clubs in your bag. Maybe it's time to cut that percentage down and start making more putts.

Take a wider backswing for straighter tee shots

It's easy to get stuck transitioning from backswing to downswing. You can make your life easier, and hit many more fairways, by widening your backswing. 

Puzzled? Solve your swing with these three easy moves

Too steep a swing can derail your ballstriking. Build yourself a flatter downswing with proper extension, rotation and lift.

Become a Sand Master: 3 tricks to rule the bunker

Struggling from the sand? Yeah, we all do; it isn't easy. You need to 1. Take a seat, 2. Throw your club and 3. Stay low, low, low. It's as easy as that. 

Fix your grip to kiss your slice goodbye

Golfers have long been told to focus on the last three fingers of their hand. Hold up! One pressure point on the handle is all you need.