Attack a Tucked Pin

Attack a Tucked Pin

Playing to a tucked pin.
Russel Kirk/GolfLinks

The situation You’re in the fairway, inside 100 yards–usually a green-light situation to go for the hole. But here the pin is tucked behind a bunker in the back-right corner of the green. There is plenty of green to work with on the left. Should you take dead aim and play to the flag or hit the safer shot toward the open portion of the green? Consider the following:

Your lie

• If the ball rests on an upslope, it’s easier to hit it high an make it stop quickly. Go for it

• A downslope makes it tough to get enough loft on your pitch. Play it safe

The length of swing

• Can you reach the hole using a full swing with one of your wedges? If so, you’ll be able to generate more spin. Go for it

• If the distance requires a three-quarter or half-length swing, your control will be less precise. Play it safe

Your typical miss

• If you tend to miss your wedge shots long, the front bunker won’t come in to play and the risk is worth taking. Go for it
• If you typically miss short, you bring the bunker into play. Play it safe

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