Ask the Rules Guy: Jumpy lie

Ask the Rules Guy

Hey Rules Guy: The other day I hit my iron shot near the green, but when I went to play my next shot I couldn't find my ball. We eventually found it, but there was a probelm — my ball had somehow landed on top of a frog. I didn't want to hit the ball because it would hurt the frog, so I moved it (the ball that is). Not sure what the rules are for this one.
-Matt Lenzi, West Bloomfiled, Mich.

You were right not to endanger your amphibious friend, and the Rules of Golf will reward you for that. According to Rule 19-1a, if a ball in motion comes to rest in or on any moving or animate outside agency — like a frog — the ball must be dropped as near as possible to the spot directly under the place where the ball came to rest, no nearer the hole. And with the frog out of your way, you really had no excuse to croak on your next shot.