Ask the Rules Guy: Weighty Decision

Ask the Rules Guy: Weighty Decision

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The Rules Guy

Rules Guy:
I was playing with a round with a friend of mine when he did something that I’m convinced is illegal. The course was particularly crowded, so between holes, he would take out a weighted “donut” (like baseball players use), put it on a club and swing it to keep loose. I called him out on what seemed like a flagrant Rules violation, but my buddy insisted that it was legal, as long as he only used the donut between holes and not between shots on a hole. Can this possibly be right?
–Ken Varney, Harrisburg, Penn.

Slow play and crowded courses are always a frustrating nuisance. But, as my Weight Watchers councilor says: donuts are never the solution. According to Decision 14-3/10, the use of a donut, weighted headcover, or any other swing aid can’t be used at any point during a round, regardless of whether or not you’re in the middle of the hole. The only thing that should have been weighing your buddy down would be his punishment—he should have taken a DQ for his donut debacle.

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