Roger Cleveland: Remember these 2 tips for pitch shots and bunker shots

January 20, 2020

Towering drive and precise iron play might make for a more aesthetically pleasing round of golf, but without a reliable short game, your scorecard will not be pretty. Having a deft touch around the greens is crucial for any player looking to keep positive momentum in their round, from amateurs to Tour pros. And let’s face it, sometimes a simple pitch shot around the greens can be as intimidating as a 200-yard carry over water. When you’re feeling like those seemingly “simple” shots are anything but, lean on these tips from Callaway Golf’s Roger Cleveland to cozy it up there close.

1. Pitch shot

For your standard pitch shot, Cleveland recommends getting your feet closer together and the shaft more vertical. “What you’re doing is putting the sole more in play,” Cleveland said.From this position you can stay tall and allow the club to slide underneath the ball and on track towards the flagstick.

2. Bunker shot

A bunker shot has the same fundamental components as the pitch shot, but the positions are more exaggerated. You want to stand further from the ball and create a more stable base with a wider stance.“I’m releasing the clubhead so the trailing edge is hitting first,” Cleveland said.This shot is simple and effective for players of any skill level as it doesn’t require much strength, just solid technique.