Dig two tees from the turf to rip long irons like Scott Piercy

December 4, 2019
Scott Piercy wants to help you hit better long irons.

Long irons are intimidating, even for Tour players. It’s difficult to look down at a club without much loft and not want to help the ball into the air. But lifting is a recipe for catching the shot thin. The best long-iron players I know strike the ball using a descending blow.

Try this: Tee up a ball just barely above the grass and peg a second the same way a few inches in front of your ball (photo, below).

Take your normal setup and swing. Your goal is to hit both tees. If you miss the second tee, you lifted up. If you catch the ball solid and are also able to dig up the second tee, you’re extending through the ball and with a descending blow. That’s the good stuff!

If you can dig both tees out of the turf, that's the good stuff.

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