This training aid will help ‘snap’ your way to better iron shots

September 9, 2019

What are the pillars of perfect impact? According to one GOLF Top 100 Teacher Mike Bender, it’s:

  1. Hands ahead of the clubface
  2. The club striking the ground after it strikes the ball
  3. Your arms, hands and the club aligning to form a lowercase “y.”

With these elements intact, you can’t miss.

Unfortunately, in the eyes of instructors Kelvin Miyahira and Marty Nowicki, very few recreational golfers are able to achieve them, which prompted their development of the Impact Snap ($99,


This unique training aid features a square grip with a metal extension at the butt end of the handle. The goal? Get the metal extension to hit your lead wrist as you near impact, which will cause the device to “snap.”

It’s a great way to get visual and auditory feedback that will have you puring iron shots in no time.