Billy Horschel explains how this unique backswing drill works

July 8, 2019

Billy Horschel has been a mainstay on the PGA Tour for the better part of the last five years. He’s finished in the top 20 in SG: Driving in three of the last five seasons, and he works hard on his swing with GOLF Top 100 Teacher Todd Anderson to make sure he stays that way.

One of the big things he works on is his backswing. For Horschel, a key is his backswing turn. He works hard on trying to lead into his right hip, as he told GOLF Magazine last year, which prevents his backswing from collapsing.

And over the weekend, Horschel shared a unique drill that he uses to help him do that. His coach, caddie or another member of his team hold his right quad during his backswing as he makes swings. That prevents his right leg from collapsing, he says, which prevents overturn and his backswing getting long. From there, his body gets too far ahead of the ball, which leads to mis-hits.

Casting is better done with a fishing rod in hand.

When he “stabilizes his right leg,” Billy says, he can “turn better behind the ball” and cover the ball better on his downswing. A more powerful move that leads to purer shots.

This is a better position through impact.

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Check out the full video of the drill below: