7 Ways to Peg the Ball in the Perfect Spot

December 7, 2016

Peggers can be choosers — and save precious strokes along the way. Here are seven ways to tee up the ball perfectly for your game.

1. Avoid hazards. If there’s trouble on the left side of the fairway, tee it up on the left side of the box and aim away from the junk.

2. If you hit a draw, tee the ball on the left half of the box. Your landing spot will seem much bigger aiming up the right side. (Do the opposite if you’re a fader.)

3. If you’re clubbing down on a dogleg, tee the ball on the opposite side of the bend (the right side on a dogleg-left). This gives you the straightest line to the middle of the fairway.

4. If you pull driver on a dogleg, tee the ball on the same side as the bend. This attack angle effectively widens the fairway, giving you more room for error.

5. If you’re a faster swinger (> 100 mph), tee the ball so that one quarter of it sits above the crown of your driver. You’ll gain control without losing much distance.

6. If you swing slower, get at least three-quarters of the ball above the crown. This helps you “hit up” on the ball for more yards.

7. On long par 3s, tee the ball three-quarters of an inch above the ground and “sweep” it off the peg. It’s an old Jack Nicklaus trick—and Jack hit long irons better than anyone.