4 Ways to be a More Consistent Ballstriker

4 Ways to be a More Consistent Ballstriker


The biggest difference between Tour players and the rest of us? They
know they’re going
to hit it good. Now
you can know the
same thing, thanks
to a few simple
tweaks proven to
turn any swing into
one that gives you
total control of
every shot.

In your quest to play better, trying to copy
the swings of the best players on the PGA
Tour is similar to trying to tee your ball up
on a needle — it just isn’t going to work. The
good news, however, is you don’t need a
duplicate of a “Tour” swing. The following
simple tests will show you how to hit the
ball the way you want to without the
complications that result from trying to
mimic Tiger, Ernie and Phil. You’ll be
pleasantly surprised at how these
shortcuts will improve the overall quality
and consistency of your shots.

Step 1: Shorten Your Backswing

Video: The Right-Shoulder Flexibility Test

Step 2: Make a Bigger Hip Turn

Video: Test your hip flexibility

Step 3: Forget About Your Spine Angle

Video: Test your glutes

Video: Test your posture

Step 4: Release With Your Chest