Weekend Warmup: Use a bath towel to identify 2 common swing faults

February 15, 2020

There are a plethora of training aids on the market these days to help you identify swing faults and ultimately fix them. From aids that help up your swing speed, to aids that iron out your putting technique, there are seemingly endless options on your journey to a better swing.

But one such aid can be found in your home and won’t cost you a thing. All you need is a bath towel and some tape. Take the towel and tape it at both ends and you’ll have a training aid ready to identify a couple of faults. GOLF Top 100 Teacher Jeff Leishman helped break it down.

Early pull from the top

This is a swing fault where the energy is lost prior to making contact with the ball. This fault is also known as “casting” and occurs when you release the club early on the downswing.

Bad energy transfer

This occurs when the transfer of energy fails to happen in the swing. The player either doesn’t release the club or fails to release it efficiently.

“When done correctly,” Leishman says. “The towel will snap out in front of you.”

Anytime you make a proper, the towel will snap at or near the point of impact, indicating you are making a solid move through the ball.

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